Patrick Wilson 4 the love of gawd don’t ever turn around

Fuck yes. Love love love.

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becoming a demon seems like a good career option


The witch mirror “There are witch mirrors, and there are witch mirrors, but of all the mirrors used by witches this one is the top. This type of mirror was turned out in some quantity for one comes across examples up and down the country. To date I know of seven others exactly the same. Of course, a familiar spirit has been conjured and coaxed into making the mirror its home. When you use these mirrors you gaze into them then suddenly you will see in the mirror some one standing behind you. Whatever you do, do not turn around. Remember that, never never turn around. What happens next? Good gracious, you just talk quietly to the figure or face in the mirror, close your eyes if you cannot bear it, but never, ever turn around. Mentioned in Doreen Valiente’s description of the exhibits at Cecil Williamson’s;House of Spells at Polperro (Transcripts from Doreen Valiente’s Diaries 1959-1966, in the museum library. She describes it as a very fine piece of wood-carving;, and as she was later photographed with just such a mirror it is tempting to think she was inspired by seeing this one to acquire one herself. ” (Quote from the museum of witchcraft archives)

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Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.
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I can’t wait to tie up all these loose ends and start working on the next phase of my life…



Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (1986) - Goblin muppets


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